Bathing suit season is in full force.  Tried on any suits lately?  Are you hating the way your stomach looks in last year's suit or that new one you just bought?  If so, you have plenty of company.  A new poll shows women worry the most about how their stomach looks when choosing a swimsuit. 

About half of women say their stomach worry prompted them to buy a suit that promises to slim down their figure and offers tummy control. 18% of women admit they hate the way they look in a bathing suit, 40% are impartial and 36% are okay with how they look in a bathing suit.  Finding a suit that fits the way they like is a problem for about 45% of the women polled.  Ever regret buying that certain swimsuit?  42% say they have.  One-piece  suits are the first choice for half of the women in the poll, although women ages 18-34 prefer wearing bikinis.  Also, about a third of women buy a new bathing suit every year.  It's been a couple of years since I went bathing suit shopping and the thing that struck me this year was how expensive they are.  Summer goes way too fast in Central New York and it's not like we can wear them year round.  Guess I'll stick with my old bathing suit for now.