Experts are investing a lot of time and money researching the coronavirus and how to respond, but maybe they should save some time and consult all the 'experts' on Facebook.

I never realized how many of my Facebook connections are closet medical professionals and secret epidemiologists - but they must be. You can't log on without either being told the end is near or you're 'freaking out' for buying a few extra rolls of toilet paper.

Stop sharing random crap you find on the internet - or frankly, the story that your friend whose cousin knows a doctor told you. If you shared a story from a "doctor in Italy" that you cut and pasted from a friend - or a graphic that suggests that the entire world is conspiring to make sure there's an illness during a US election year - you are part of the problem.

For real information on novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, turn to reliable sources. First, the CDC and the WHO. Not only are they on social media, they also have in-depth websites covering nearly everything you need to know about preventing COVID-19 spread.

Beyond that, check with your local county for updates, and your local government.

You can also refer to New York State's website for details about the disease in the state, New York State response, and other information.

Maybe you don't know anyone with coronavirus, but I'm also willing to bet you don't know anyone 'freaking out.' A few extra rolls of toilet paper doesn't mean someone is panicking. Let's all act like adults - and give this situation the appropriate degree of concern.

And wash your hands.

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