Reports on Reddit are asking residents around Central New York to be aware of a strange man in costume in the City of Utica.

We can't confirm or deny this report from Reddit, but someone posted on the Utica Reddit Board about a man in a strange costume harassing people:

Has anyone else had/seen a similar encounter?? I (26M, 6’ 3” 210 Lb) was walking down 3rd avenue on the 2nd and a short man (possibly 5’ 4”) who was wearing a cloak of some sort and had green body paint covering him he was also ugly, jumped out from behind a cart and asked?? Me to “fiddle around in his goodie-sack” he pulled out a brown burlap sack and motioned it towards me??? He also kept mentioning his “Fungeon” I pushed him over and ran away back to my."

Just when you thought Halloween was over....

The comments on the post include "You never know what the Goodie sack may have held." and "its old greg." Whether or not this is a gag, you should always be on the lookout for strange incidents like this one reported on November 4th 2023.

If you know anything, don't hesitate to call. Police are asking for calls and tips to be made to the Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers tip line, anonymously at 1-866-730-8477.

Police added as a reminder that "everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." Authorities say, sharing this story with friends and family and on social media increases the chance of keeping our neighborhoods safe. Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers is 100% anonymous.

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