On December 13th, customers heard a faint cry coming from a storm drain and led to complete strangers banding together for a 33 hour rescue.

David Loop of Sierra Pacific FurBabies got a tip on the afternoon of December 20th that some customers believed a cat was trapped in a storm drain outside of a local shopping center. David enlisted the help of some of the crowd to investigate the sounds of kitten cries that were coming from a nearby storm drain.

The kitten was trapped in a 8 inch pipe inside the drain and had very limited access. Despite David's best efforts to rescue the kitten as it began to rain, he could not help the kitten.

It was on the following day after the rain when David returned with the aid of more volunteers along with AAP All American Plumbing and others that they finally were able to even see the kitten for the first time. Together the rescuers banded together determined to save the kitten. Almost 33 hours later the group was able to rescue the kitten from the storm drain.

After an outstanding selfless effort from David Loop and others the kitten, affectionately named "Piper," is safe and healthy.

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