'Tis the season for helping others. That's superstar singer Mariah Carey pictured above, doing some charity volunteering. The New York City resident represents her state, which ranks high in charitable acts.

WalletHub's list of 2018's Most Charitable States places New York third, behind only Minnesota and Utah. The 50 states were compared across 18 different metrics distributed into two separate categories--Volunteering & Service and Charitable Giving. Even though New Yorkers came in at #21 in the first category, we are #1 in the latter, and that pushed our rank to #3 overall.

Population does not have a direct correlation in this study. Minnesota (22nd) and Utah (31st) are not among the most populated states, yet they top the list in charity.

Conversely, California, Texas and Florida (ranked 1-2-3 in population) are all in the bottom half of charitable states. The least charitable state on the list was Nevada.


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