New York State spent $27 million constructing the famous "Orange Lot" for Lakeview Amphitheater and state fair parking in Syracuse, but it looks like there's a problem.

According to, the spots are so narrow, drivers are having trouble safely parking their vehicles. As a result, the state is demanding the contractor paint the remaining spots wider.

How hard is it to make a parking lot? 

Anyone who has been in the parking lot near the Marquee Cinema in New Hartford, knows how difficult narrow aisles and tight turns can be to navigate - but I'll wager that lot didn't cost $37 million to build.

Reporters from say "many parking spaces were 8 feet, 3 inches or so wide. A common parking space typically is 9 to 10 feet, according to recommendations for other parking projects in the state."

Nothing will ruin a great day at the Fair like heading back to your car to find a ding or two or three in your vehicle's door.

As a "solution", the state is having the remaining spots striped wider. There's no word on additional costs, or a remedy for the already-painted parking spaces.
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