Oneida County is home to two of New York state's best known geographic features, the Adirondack Park in the county's northeast most corner and the snow-pelted Tug Hill Plateau in the northwestern corner. So would it surprise you that neither location contains the county's highest point.

The highest point in Oneida County is actually in the southern portion of the county in the town of Marshall near Waterville. According to New York State's website detailing each county, Oneida County's high point,

does not lie on either the plateau nor in the Adirondack Park, but in the county's southern extremity. The peak's name is Tassel Hill. It is located slightly southeast of Hardscrabble Road (Tassel Hill Road), between the villages of Waterville and Cassville.

Oneida County's highest point is nearly inaccessible as the roads that lead to it are narrow, unmaintained dirt paths.

Tassel Hill Waterville
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Here's what the highest point in Oneida County looks like:

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