A Chittenango boy took on the challenge to make a difference one yard at a time. One year later, he completed his '50 Yard Challenge' and was surprised with new lawn equipment as his reward.

11 year-old Karter Bouffard vowed to mow 50 lawns for the elderly, disabled, veterans or single mothers, a project Rodney Smith Jr. of Alabama started after seeing an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn. "I like to help and do what I can for others in my community," says Karter.

Photo Credit: Tina Marie Wittwer Bouffard/TSM
Photo Credit: Tina Marie Wittwer Bouffard/TSM

Kids who take on the Challenge are sent different color t-shirts for every 10 yards they mow. At the end of the challenge, Rodney makes a visit to deliver a lawn mower, a leaf blower and a weed eater. Friday was that day for Karter...but he had no idea Rodney was coming.

Rodney brought the new lawn equipment, including the much needed lawn mower. The one Karter has been using for the challenge is on it's last legs and he says he's not done yet. "I have all this new stuff, I'm going to keep mowing lawns and helping around the community. Plus I'll be going for awhile because Perryville Power and Equipment has offered to do any repairs I may need for free."

If you need help around your yard Karter says you can get in touch with him on his Facebook page - Karter's 50 Yard Challenge.

Giving back is nothing new for Karter. He and his brother Sammy collect hats, scarfs and gloves to hang on trees in parks around Madison county for those who may need it.

If you want to accept the 50 Yard Challenge, just make a sign like Karter did and post it on the Raising Men website. Once the challenge is complete, Rodney will make a visit to your hometown.


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