How would you like to step out in your backyard and pick your choice of an apple, a peach or some cherries all from the SAME tree?

This may sound like something out a Disney movie, but Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken has produced a tree that produces 40 different types of fruit! According to Hello Giggles.Com:

Aken uses a process called “grafting,” which joins the tissue of two different branches together simply by…putting them together. He slices off a section of one branch and attaches a branch from the fruit tree he wants to use by fixing them together using plastic. This plastic acts as a sort of greenhouse, providing the perfect environment for these two plants to fuse their tissue together and become one living, breathing organism.

Aken says his creation is a project that takes years to come to FRUITition.

If you'd like to create your own magical fruit tree, there's a 5 step process to follow:

1. Prune a stone fruit tree so that its center is open and there about four or five branches.

2. Next take another stone fruit tree and take sliver from it. Then insert the sliver into an incision on the bottom of the tree..

3. Then tape it together and let it sit during the winter months.

4. Repeat the first three steps until 40 varieties have blossomed.

5. Take Pictures and impress your friends!