Some of you may not believe this, but Mountain Dew was not intended to be consumed for breakfast – that is, until now.

Taco Bell announced earlier last week that it plans to start serving a unique new beverage called Mountain Dew A.M., which is a mixture of the popular Mountain Dew brand soda and Tropicana orange juice.

This new carbonated beverage will soon be a part of the taco chain’s “First Meal” breakfast menu that the company aggressively introduced earlier this year to nearly 800 test market restaurants in 14 states.

The Mexican-style restaurant chain is certainly no stranger to successfully developing menu items that step outside the box of traditional fast food fare, selling 200 million of their Doritos Locos Tacos since introducing them in March of this year.

Taco Bell’s latest addition of Mountain Dew A.M., as well as the new cheesy, bacon or sausage and hash brown breakfast, the A.M. Crunchwrap, are just two more ways the fast food giant plans to continue experiencing the same double-digit growth that it did during the second quarter.

Representatives from PepsiCo Inc. say Mountain Dew A.M. will be sold exclusively at Taco Bell restaurants.

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