Over the years, we've seen plenty of different flavors of Mountain Dew. It was last Halloween when they came out with Mountain Dew Voodoo, which tasted like Candy Corn. As we approach 2021, there's a new flavor being added to the Mountain Dew lineup permanantly.

Back in September 2020, some leaked materials from PepsiCo popped up on Reddit, causing speculation about what the new flavor tastes like and when it would be available. And alas, it looks like it is starting to show up in stores nationwide.

What's the newest flavor you might be asking? It's called Major Melon and it appears to be a watermelon flavored soda. It will be released in a sugar free option as well.

After doing some research, it looks like the new flavor is already on the shelves at area Walmart locations. According to Walmart.com, you can pick it up in the Oneida store right now, and for other locations it says "check dates." That means it should be showing up in Utica, Rome, New Hartford and other stores sooner than later! According to the Mountain Dew fandom, it's planning to be released on January 4th, 2021.

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I'm not quite sure how I feel about the newest addition to be totally honest, but I know those who love Mountain Dew who will gladly try it. Still think Baja Blast remains supreme.

Will you be trying the newest flavor? If you can find it, send us a photo and let us know your thoughts inside the station app!

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