Barbie is Getting Her Own Live-Action Movie
Not to be outdone by 'Jem and the Holograms,' Barbie will also be getting her own live-action movie -- but of course homegirl has to one-up the competition, so she's getting a franchise because dream homes and matching pink cars aren't cheap, you know.
Lammily doll is the anti-Barbie doll.
Girls playing with Barbie dolls is such a normal part of childhood.  But for those concerned about the "perfect image" Barbie presents to girls, meet Lammily, the average and beautiful anti-Barbie doll.
Barbie Without Makeup Is Not a Morning Person
Barbie can't help but looking perfect. She's manufactured that way.
But what if the doll that has been setting unrealistically high beauty standards for girls since 1959 was a real person? (Yes, this is has been tried before by human Barbie imper…

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