CNY Woman Wants To Find Birth Parents For 40th Birthday
Erin Laurey of Holland Patent will be turning 40 this year, and all she wants for this milestone birthday is to be reunited with her birth parents. She was born on October 23rd, 1976 at St. Luke's Hospital in New Hartford. All she knows about her birth parents is at the time her mother was 26, …
What Hurts Worse, Childbirth Or Getting Kicked In The Nads?
The pain of childbirth has been reported to be the equivalent of 20 bones snapping in your body at the same time. Thank God for drugs, and for the reward that comes afterward because why would anyone WANT to endure that? But do us guys have an affliction that affects us too that can be JUST as painf…
Mother Induces Labor So Baby Can Meet Dying Sister
Most parents and doctors wouldn’t even consider inducing labor early unless it were absolutely medically necessary. But, one mother decided that giving birth early was important to another member of the family. Namely, her daughter who was dying from a brain tumor.

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