Making A Comeback?
Disney Channel has announced they're ready to reboot the classic "DuckTales" cartoon and they're bringing it to Disney XD in 2017.
Utica Cartoon
Imagine if Utica became as famous in the cartoon world as the Simpson's Springfield or the fictitious Quahog of Family Guy. It might have happened had Utica Cartoon been picked up by Cartoon Network.
Kylie Minogue Is She-Ra in Funny or Die’s Gritty Reboot
NBC should just save themselves the trouble and go ahead and make all of the different She-Ra TV shows Funny or Die came up with for this video next season. It's not like the could do much worse than they already are. Plus, this way the ideas are already fleshed out, so they can still go on sum…
The 10 Best Skeleton Dances Ever
Videos of old-timey skeleton dances are the best way to get a little spook-ified before Halloween without accidentally soiling yourself. That is a fact -- you can ask anybody. Oh, thanks for asking. Yes, that is a fact. From PBS to Disney and beyond, here are the best skeleton dances EVER to get you…
5 Of The Greatest 90s Cartoons
Kids today just don’t understand good TV. I may sound like an old man but they have cartoons with all sorts of crazy graphics, and nothing with any true meanings. 90’s Cartoons were where it was at. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, our generation clearly had the bes…