The Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium Hauntings
One of the things that we often take for granted is the existence of modern medicine. Diseases that once threatened the lives of anyone it came in contact with now are controlled with a combination of antibiotics and vaccines, or have even been eradicated.
The Forbidden Floors Of Haunted Hotel Utica
Steeped in history and legends, New York is filled with stories of the forgotten, eerie and the weird that influence us everyday. What lies beyond the restored floors of the grand hotel and what departed guests might still be roaming the halls?
Haunting Lady Of The Lake In Lake Placid, NY
When looking at what makes a good ghost story, the elements that are looked for are a tragic back story, a creepy location, and sometimes a tantalizing mystery. A lot of well-known ghost stories end up becoming more myth than fact, and the true tragedy of their haunting takes a back burner to the sp…
The Haunting Of Baron Du Steuben
Remsen, NY is a small town outside of Utica, usually only familiar to those who live there, and those who visit once a year, for the Barn Festival of the Arts held there every fall. For a small, sleepy town, Remsen, and the neighboring town of Steuben, has a reputation for being haunted...