Remsen, NY is a small town outside of Utica, usually only familiar to those who live there, and those who visit once a year, for the Barn Festival of the Arts held there every fall. For a small, sleepy town, Remsen, and the neighboring town of Steuben, has a reputation for being haunted. From Potato Hill Rd to the winding roads of Steuben, the area is known for their ghosts.

As mentioned in previous articles, the area is also known for being a major location in the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Oriskany took place only 20 miles from Steuben, and after the war, the area was given to Baron de Steuben as a gift from his good friend, and first president, George Washington. The Baron gave his name to the area, and was responsible for bringing immigrants to the area.

Eric Meier/TSM

After his death, the Baron was buried off of Star Hill Rd in Steuben, and in the 1930s, a replica of the cabin he lived in was constructed, and the Baron’s previously unmarked grave was given a large, but simple grave marker.

It appears, though, that despite the commemorations to Baron de Steuben, the Baron still roams the replica of his home. Heavy footsteps, sounding remarkably like someone wearing a pair of boots, can be heard along the flagstone paths when no one else is around. Strange mists are captured in photographs, objects will disappear and reappear, and security alarms will be set off at night, with no indicator of the reason why.

Personally, this writer has spent many a summer at the Baron’s replica cabin, and has heard footsteps, as well as having an object move on its own. A heavy bucket was moved from a corner of the cabin to directly behind the door, preventing the door from opening.

The Baron’s cabin is now a NYS park, and is open during the summer. If you ever stop by, make sure to say hello to the Baron de Steuben. You never know when he’s around…

Phil Nye/TSM