‘Wanted Bull’ in Utica Song Parody – VIDEO
A cow has been roaming the streets of Utica for more than three months. Authorities have tried to wrangle the rogue animal, that they've named Norman, to no avail. Residents have captured pictures of the cow, which is actually a beef steer, and Kristina Saunders even caught it on video. Now it …
Twitter Sings
What happens when a person has way too much time on their hands, and wants to create the next big parody trend? Well, it looks a little something like this...
Every Single Pop Hit
Pop music gets made fun of a lot for sounding so much the same (although I don't agree with that... there are SOME songs that are a lot alike). A Canadian rock/pop band decided to show us all those similarities with 'Pop 101.'
Cop "Shakes It Off" [VIDEO]
Taylor Swift has millions of fans and they aren't all teenaged girls. This fan is a police officer with the Delaware police department. While reviewing dashcam footage, he was caught jamming' out to Taylor's 'Shake it Off' and I don't know what's better; the cops s…
Spice Girl Parody
Need a creative way to ask your bridesmaids to be in a wedding? Try what Brett Seeley did by using the Spice Girls in a video called "Will you be my Bridesmaids? Wannabe Spice Girls".

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