BBB Warns Of Puppy Scams Sweeping New York State
Many people have taken the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to bring a new furry member into their families as they spend time in quarantine. Unfortunately, some people didn't look into the validity of the people/breeders that were selling puppies.
Who Knew? [VIDEO]
Who knew dogs and cheetahs could be best friends? Not me. At the San Diego Zoo, a baby cheetah who was abandoned by his mother has a best friend who happens to be a puppy. Can you say BFF?
Puppy drivers car into a pond.
Puppies want to explore and sometimes that means getting in to a bit of mischief. Rosie, a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy in Canton, Massachusetts, got in to lots of mischief when she accidentally drove her owner's car into a pond. Yikes!
Cat Opens Door For Puppies
Cat and dog lovers alike will be grinning after this one, in which Buster busts out some MacGyver moves on a sliding door to help his puppy friends get back into the house.

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