Beyond the Video: Perspectives on Racism in the Mohawk Valley
In a set of exclusive interviews, we take an in-depth look at all sides of the Genesee Street incident, getting perspectives from Jakeila Phillips, who was the target, and from Barry Wardell, caught hurling the racist epithets in a now-viral video filmed in Utica.
Restaurant Racism?
19-year-old Toni Christina Jenkins from Franklin, Tennessee recently lost her job at a local seafood restaurant after posting a receipt online with offensive language. Awful! If it's true.
What Would You Do?
On September 17th 2001, President Bush made a passionate speech asking for Americans to view Islam as a religion of peace. "The face of terror is not the true face of Islam" the President said. Yet today we still see and hear anti-Muslim rhetoric, like in this story seen on ABC TV&…
Is the New Commercial Racist?
We're assuming that the woman's complaint is that she was assaulted by an African-American male thus the line-up. Eye brows are being raised anyway as Mountain Dew has just released a new commercial featuring the members of musical group, Odd Future and a goat... named Felicia. It it racis…
Family Sues Disneyland
“I was going to hug him, but he turned his back,” said 6-year-old Jason Black when talking about the white rabbit character from 'Alice in Wonderland'. He went on to say that he felt sad “because I wanted to really hug him.”