st pattys day

Best Place to Watch Utica's St Patrick's Parade
Let's try this again. It's time for Utica's St. Patrick's Parade - Saturday, March 25, 2017. There's still going to be lots of fun as that green line runs down Genesee Street and everyone moves along to the post-parade festivities on Varick Street.
St Patrick's Day Shirts
Did you see the UFD in Saturday's Utica St. Patrick's Day parade?  Perhaps you spotted the shirts they were wearing.  They're available to the public on eBay.
10 Signs You Are Too Excited About St. Patrick’s Day
There are few holidays that create more excitement and festiveness than St. Patrick’s Day. All over the country, people crowd the local pub in green clothes where they guzzle a ton of green beer, only to puke it back out in a green mess and wake up the next day in a green haze.
Of course, just like …

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