I have many childhood memories in Utica, but one of my all-time favorites is movie nights at the Uptown Theater. I used to visit my grandparents every summer when I was a kid. They used to spoil my sister and me rotten! We took numerous fun filled trips to the Charlestown Outlets, the old KB Toy Store, and the Utica Zoo. We also got to take in a movie or two at the Uptown Theater.

When I moved back to the area, I was really bummed to see that the theater had closed down. The Uptown has been a Utica staple since 1927. It's a shame to see this historic landmark closed for business.  Where else in town could you catch a movie at a fraction of the cost, while sipping and munching on your favorite confections?

If you're sad to see the Uptown Theater closed, please take a moment and take a Facebook survey. With your support, one of our favorite places may come to life again!

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