Has being stuck at home left you yearning for a little adventure? How about the longest zipline in the United States - just 2 hours from Utica.

New York State has so much to explore, and there's no better time to get out and see than the fall, when nature's colors are on full display. Imagine taking in all the gorgeous fall foliage with a truly bird's-eye view, 1,000 feet above the landscape below.

All of this happens at the Catamount Mountain Resort, in Hillsdale, NY. In winter, the Taconic Mountains offer some great skiing, and in the summer and fall, you can enjoy their Aerial Adventure Park and, of course, their zipline.

Credit: Catamount Mountain Resort/Facebook
Credit: Catamount Mountain Resort/Facebook

The Catamount Zip Tour is a two-hour ziplining experience, made up of three separate lines, culminating in the CataMonster - a 5,523 foot long zipline - the longest in the entire country.

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If you're nervous, don't worry, there's plenty of preparation. After practicing at the base of the mountain, you will ride the Ridge Quad chairlift to the summit, where you can practice your skills on the 1,000 Ridge span. "Here you get the feel of riding down this gradual zipline before you move on to prove yourself on the thrilling, uninterrupted 1,000-drop of the CataMonster span," according to the Catamount website.

Because ziplining is a physical activity, there are some requirements:

  • Participants must be at least 48"" tall and not over 82"" tall
  • Participants must weigh over 50lbs and under 260lbs
  • Participants must be at least 10 years old

If you're interested in booking a trip on the zipline, visit the Catamount Mountain website HERE.


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