The longest zip line in the country and it's only a few hours from central New York.

The Catamount Zip Tour is made up of three zip lines. The first is a training zip. The second zip is one of the longer zip lines in New York and New England. The final zip, called the Catamonster, is the biggest zip line in North America and the 7th longest in the world. The two minute zip line is hundreds of feet in the air, over 5,500 feet long, and sails across miles of views from the Catskills to Mt. Greylock at 55 MPH.

After a video demonstration you'll proceeds to the demo zip, onto the lift, where a gorgeous ride will take you to the summit.

The Catamount Zip Tour is approximately a two-hour experience. You'll need to sign a waiver before participating and you must wear a harness and helmet, which will be provided. Close-toed shoes are also required.

The Catamount zip tour is located at the Catmount Mountain Resort in Hillsdale, New York and is only 2 and a half hours from Utica. The experience costs $89 and is available any day but Tuesday. You can get more information and reserve your zip tour at

I'm in! Who's with me?

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