The Adirondack Mountains are home to plenty of beautiful sights and wonderful adventures. If you're looking for something close to the Utica/Rome area, you should head over to Split Rock Falls.

Located near New Russia, about two and a half hours away, Split Rock Falls is part of the Bouquet River that flows from the Adirondacks into Lake Champlain.

You can't see the falls from the road (but you can hear it,) and although the pathway is unmarked, it is well-established enough for visitors to make their way. You'll eventually come to a section of fencing that keeps you from getting too close to the edge. The route is pretty steep, but the hike is not overly difficult.

Credit: Split Rock Falls July 2017 - Drone Footage via YouTube
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Split Rock Falls is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of two main drops, with a third drop just downstream of the main waterfall. The uppermost drop is unique in that a large rock splits the flow of water into two streams.

What makes it enjoyable for many is the fact that there are multiple pools of water for you to jump into and/or cool off in. If you're not into the idea of cliff jumping at the falls, you can easily just walk to the base for an easier approach. The crystal clear, emerald waters are beautiful and will instantly cool you off on a hot summer day. **

Access for Split Rock Falls is from a pull-off located on the southern side of Route 9. It can be found at the following coordinates: 44.124223, -73.657996. Keep in mind, the pull off location for parking can fill during peak times, and parking along the road is not allowed.

Credit: Split Rock Falls July 2017 - Drone Footage via YouTube

** It is important to be cautious if you choose to swim/jump at the falls. The currents and rocks can be very dangerous and can lead to injuries or death. Before you jump, verify legality, water depth, and safety, and please use common sense.

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