It looks like the constructing of Darien Lake's newest high-thrill roller coaster 'Tantrum' is complete. The ride is expected to open this week.

And the week is almost over so you know it's coming soon! According to Darien Lake's website, their new coaster is set to open this Friday, June 1st. In case you missed the news about "Tantrum," this roller coaster is definitely a big addition to the theme park.

The roller coaster takes riders straight up at a 90-degree angle to the top of the first drop. And the first drop isn't your usual steep coaster fall. No, the track actually bends inward on itself to drop you at a 97-degree angle. The track twists and curves and has you going upside-down, sideways, and reaching speeds over 50 mph. Just check out the track in the photo (at the top of this page) and the one below:

Full View of Darien Lake's Newest High Thrill Roller Coaster 'Tantrum'
Naomi Lynn/TSM

You can also check out this video and take a "virtual" ride on the track. It kind of gives you an idea of what to expect before you ride this awesome new roller coaster:

Darien Lake theme park is open now for the 2018 season, with limited hours (until about the third week of June). You can get their hours, information on tickets and/or lodging, and any other details you need to plan your trip to Darien Lake, by visiting their website at:

And be sure to keep an eye out for changes coming to the park. Earlier in May it was announced that Six Flags Entertainment Corporation bought Darien Lake back. If you have already bought your passes to the park or if you're a season pass ticket holder, your tickets will still be honored.




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