If you filed your taxes electronically, you may be wondering where your refund is. And, if you visited the IRS website’s “Where’s my refund?” page, you may have been given an error message that says the IRS has no information about your return.

Recently, people who have visited the IRS site to use the “Where’s my refund?” tool have been getting the message that the IRS knows nothing about their already filed return. The IRS now has a message on its site that says it is only a glitch that should be fixed in a few days.

The glitch was caused by a new e-filing system that was designed to prevent refund fraud. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first problem the “Where’s my refund?” tool has had. Early in tax season, it was telling taxpayers they would receive their checks a week earlier than they were actually receiving them.

Despite the glitches, the tool is an important one. More and more, thieves are stealing identities and using software like Turbo Tax to get other people’s refunds. Not only is it important to stop the thieves, the IRS wants to make sure American’s are getting their refunds because nearly half of all taxpayers say they use the money to buy food and pay bills.

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