Let's make one thing clear: No one really likes to run into an ex. Least of all Taylor Swift and John Mayer, who had a pretty public falling out post-breakup. But that's what seemed to happen to the pair, who were both spotted dining at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night (Aug. 20).

While it's unclear if Swift and Mayer actually ran into each other or (gasp!) even dined together at the famed hotel's restaurant, they were both photographed leaving the hotel separately, in pictures you can check out below.

It's been four years since Swift allegedly-but-most-likely wrote about the musician in her breakup song 'Dear John,' and it's been two years since Mayer spoke out about the tune, revealing that he was "humiliated" by it. So its entirely possible that things between the two exes are just fine now. But either way, we have a feeling that Swift will just "shake it off."

John Mayer dons a blue suede blazer and tortoiseshell glasses while leaving the Chateau Marmont.

Pacific Coast News

Taylor Swift rocks her signature red lipstick while a supposed bodyguard points a finger at the paparazzi.

Pacific Coast News

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