Taylor Swift is serving as a mentor on Season 7 of 'The Voice,' and she recently opened up to Access Hollywood about her time on the show -- and about a possible collaboration with Pharrell.

"I try to react to [the contestants] the way that I like to be critiqued, which is constructive criticism," she explained about her style of advising. "I like to tell them what they're doing well, what they should keep, but give them very specific things that they should change or adjust."

Like what?

"Just simple things like confidence or facial expressions, or you're doing this mannerism too much," she elaborated. "Or you're only holding this guitar because it's comfortable for you. Put it down. Things like that."

And with her time spent in the company of other superstar judges -- Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell -- there's bound to be talks of collaborations in the works.

"After you talk to Pharrell, you feel really good for about two weeks straight," she said of her time spent with the 'Happy' singer. "He's like a sorcerer of happiness."

"Pharrell and I were talking in the breaks yesterday, and we just kept saying we have to do something together," she added. "He's like, 'You just call me. Call me when you figure it out'. I'm like, 'You call me if you figure it out first!'"

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