Taylor Swift has a big announcement to make, Swift held a live webcast to chat with fans in real time.

In a teaser video posted to her YouTube account last week, the ever-cheery Swift told fans, “Hey, it’s Taylor. So I really want to talk to you about something. I would love it if you would join me Aug. 13 for a live webchat. You can ask questions. I want to share some news with you, some really cool news. Not gonna go into it too much, but it’s cool. I’ll see you there.” What a tease that Taylor is! (No wonder she and playboy John Mayer didn’t work out.)

While it’s unclear what the big news is, we suspect it has something to do with her new album — a title? A release date? A single? Tell us, T-Swizzle! Unless, of course, she’s willing to talk about her new boyfriend … but she usually waits until the guys break her heart to be so vocal. And as much as we heart hearing her songs, we don’t want her to be sad!

Something cool Swift put in place for her beloved fans and followers? They can submit questions via a live social chat during her live stream, and a Google+ Hangout will be made for the occasion. The girl’s a social media mastermind! The webcast takes place here and here. Don’t miss it!

Here’s hoping Meredith makes a cameo, too.

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