Do you remember the glory days of video gaming? The Nintendo Entertainment system, Coleco-vision,  The Atari 2600? All classics and bring a smile to many adults faces when they remember the hours spent playing their favorite games. One of those classic games is celebrating 25 years. So get your TriForce and hookup with Link to save Princess Zelda of Hyrule!


Sometimes it's hard to believe it all started back in 1986 with the original game. I didn't have a Nintendo, so I pretty much played the game at friend's and relative's houses who did. I was a big Dungeons and Dragons guy, playing many weekends till Zelda came along. So it was a great fit.

Over the course of the past 25 years, 15 official games have been released on Nintendo's various consoles, with several spin offs. There was even an animated TV show here in the U.S., which you can see some episodes of on Netflix. As of April last year, the original Legend of Zelda has sold 59 Million copies and is Nintendo's 4th best selling game on the NES.

The combination of puzzles, action and adventure made Zelda a hit. And technologically speaking, it was one of the first ROM game cartridges sold, that came with a battery inside the case, to allow you save your games. Zelda has a loyal fan base. There was even a fan made movie of Link that was released on the internet, but then quickly pulled after Nintendo filed court papers to protect it's copyright.

The website has a photo gallery of some of Zelda's more interesting incarnations here. And the gaming website 1UP has a collection of 25 years worth of video and magazine articles about the game franchise.

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