If you're a Netflix user like me, you know you can enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows that are available on DVD to rent or buy. And the convenience of Netflix makes it easy to watch them for a low price each month. Now, Netflix is shifting gears and could change the face of entertainment.


Netflix has recently confirmed that they are buying the viewing rights  to a new, original show that will be produced by David Fincher of Fight Club and The Social Network fame, to be shown exclusively on Netflix. Essentially a first run show you can watch on Netflix. The show is called House of Cards and will star Kevin Spacey. Netflix says that nothing has changed in their strategy, but to me it looks like they are playing it down.

If promotion and a big name like Kevin Spacey can generate some buzz for the show, this could boost Netflix's subscriber numbers dramatically. It could also change the way we watch TV in a big way. Showtime, HBO and all those other pay channels schedule their shows for viewing. You sit down or have your DVR record those shows at a specific time. But Netflix is not bound to that. They just click a button and the show is available to watch online. This kind of thing could make Netflix the newest "Movie Channel" but not limited to the regular cable lineups. No having to buy a package with 100 channels to just watch the couple we really want. Personally, all I need is HGTV, DIY, BBC America and SyFy along with the local networks and I could be good.

If this does pay off for Netflix, you could start to see others make changes too. So this year could be the start of a change in how we get our entertainment as well as what entertainment we can get. Netflix competitors now have to start looking at how this will change everything.  And the winner is, us, the consumer.

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