Dig out your duct tape and army knife. Stock up on chewing gum and rubber bands because it sounds like MacGyver is back from the 80's. 

MacGyver aired from 1985-1992 starring Richard Dean Anderson playing secret agent Angus MacGyver. He could get out of a jam with rubber bands and a stick of gum. CBS is eyeing a reboot for the show, and rumors are flying about a 20 something MacGyver, who uses his talents to prevent disasters. Morty's TV reports:

James Wan (“Insidious” and “Furious 7”) will direct, and R. Scott Gemmill (“NCIS: Los Angeles”) will pen the script and executive produce alongside original producer Henry Winkler and Michael Clear.

Here is MacGyver diffusing a bomb with his trusty paperclip. Who would you cast as MacGyver? Would he have a mullet? Leave your comments below!!!!

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