When was the last time you checked the expiration dates on all your food?  Sometimes food gets overlooked in the fridge or cabinet and when you find it again, it's expired.  Is it still safe to eat?  There are definitely certain foods you should never eat past their expiration date because it's too risky.   Here are ten foods that should be thrown away when expired.

Over the weekend, I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and found food that had expired.  Mostly cans of soup, noodles and cookies dated from the end of 2013.   I threw them away but then started wondering if they still would've been safe to eat.  Probably they were but some foods should always be tossed after their expiration date, according to activebeat.com.

These foods are prone to bacteria and food poisoning, so skip the risk and get rid of them when their date is up.

1.  Deli meat

2.  Eggs, especially raw eggs

3.  Shrimp

4.  Mixed greens

5.  Fresh berries

6.  Soft cheeses, such as brie.

7.  Oysters

8.  Chicken

9.  Raw ground beef

10.  Alfalfa sprouts

Now you know, so check the date before you eat them.  After all, who wants to deal with food poisoning?