Do you think we're spoiling our son Dylan? He gets just about any toy he asks for. Our son Dylan has a Gator, a bouncy house, two scooters, a pool, a bike, a TV and DVD player in his own room, a bed shaped like a car and a plethora of fireworks to enjoy on the 4th of July. I'm beginning to think we're over doing it. What do you think?

One thing that bothers me is my inability to say no when he wants a snack to eat. I often require some sort of healthy eating first, then some chips or sweets come into play. Lord help us...just look at the things our five year-old has to enjoy:

In conclusion, my wife and I didn't have all that much growing up so perhaps we're over compensating.

Question, If there was one thing from the gallery that we should immediately eliminate, which one would you choose?  Thanks for your input.

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