Thanksgiving kicked off the big holiday shopping weekend.  No, I wasn't out shopping yesterday.  Now that the 2013 holiday shopping season is officially underway, it's interesting to see who's shopping and when they are.

Photo by Rod Lamkey/Getty Images

According to usatoday, about 140 million people will shop this Thanksgiving weekend.  With all the hype for Thanksgiving sales, it shouldn't shock you that 33 million planned to shop yesterday.

97 million are shopping on this Black Friday.  Are you one of them?

64 million will shop tomorrow and 34 million plan to shop on Sunday.

Here's what's interesting.  The number of people who say they will or are likely to shop this Thanksgiving weekend is almost evenly matched with men and women.  63% of women and 61% of men.

The younger you are, the more likely this weekend will find you shopping.  81% of 18-35 year olds plan to shop.

Have you started your shopping?  Is this the weekend you will or is it too busy for you?