This weekend we remember the music of Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his passing. The King of Pop defined the music of the MTV generation. And the influence is just as strong with the YouTube generation. Check out the 5 most creative Michael Jackson remixes, mash-ups and covers from YouTube.

  • Going Back to Indiana - Sims Style

    This little gem from the Jackson 5 gets the Sims video game treatment. I'm not sure how closely this scene relates to Jackson's boyhood home at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana, but the antics of the Sims are fun to watch and match up pretty well with the song.

  • Danish 'X-Factor' Contestant Covers 'Dirty Diana'

    Mohammad Ali competed during the 2009 season of Denmark's 'X Factor' talent competition and took 3rd place. This cover of 'Dirty Diana' sent him to the finals of that show.

  • Cello + Beatbox + Michael = Genius

    My only critique of this is at 45 seconds it's way too short! This take on 'Smooth Criminal' is brilliant. The artist is Kevin "K.O." Olusola out of New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Lady Gaga/Michael Jackson Mash-up

    Now that Weird Al as has done a Lady Gaga parody, as he did so many times to Michael's songs, we know that these two artists truly belong in the same straosphoere.  Of course, mash-up artists long ago paired these two.  The best mash-up I've found is 'Beat It' with 'Just Dance.'

  • 'Blame it on the Boogie' Bass Cover

    Dude just shreds the bass lick on The Jacksons' 'Blame it on the Boogie.' The bassist out of B.C., Canada, has other Jackson covers like 'PYT' and 'Rock With You' on his channel.