Do you remember where you were when you heard that a plane had crashed into a World Trade Center tower? I do. I was on  the air in Pennsylvania when my co-host informed me of what was happening. I said, "What, a small engine plane flown by some nutcase?" "No" she said, "a jet!" In unison we said, "terrorism!"

It's been 12 years since a series of four suicide attacks that were committed on our country. The destruction of the Twin Towers caused serious damage to our economy and had a significant impact on global markets. Cleanup of the World Trade Center site was completed in May 2002, and the Pentagon was repaired within a year. Numerous memorials were constructed, including the National September 11th Memorial & Museum in New York. There also is a Pentagon Memorial, and the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, not far from where I was broadcasting from when the plane crashed. On a bright note, the 1,776-foot-tall One World Trade Center is expected to be completed at ground zero in New York by 2014.
In commemoration of the event I read a poem on the air every year and I always get a request for a copy of it. Well, here it is, the 911 poem. If you would like to hear the on air presentation simply click below.

In conclusion, let's never forget what happened on 9/11/2001 and let's salute our men and women who continually fight to keep our country safe.

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