The folks at grabbed a Wiffle bat and took their best swing at summertime tourist traps.

Author Max DeNike used opinions and local knowledge to compile the worst tourist traps in each state of the Union. According to his thesis on these unique (or not so unique) sites: "Some are free and some cost way more than they’re worth. Some are roadside attractions that exist solely to lure in unsuspecting travelers, while others are once-enticing fixtures that have lost their luster over time."

New York's most boring tourist trap is the skating rink at Times Square, because, according to Far & Wide, "it’s only open for part of the year. It also costs a pretty penny to get in ($37 to $40 per adult unless you have your own skates), the lines are epic and, as it turns out, trying not to fall alongside throngs of people toppling over beside you isn’t actually all that fun."

Lite 98.7 morning show listeners also cast their votes for Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building, and the Corning Glass Museum.

Hey, at least we've got Massachusetts beat. Their most boring tourist trap is the Plumbing Museum.

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