Summer is a popular time for taking a vacation and doing some traveling.  Where in the world is everyone going?  The top tourist destination in the world may surprise you.  It's a place I've never been but I'm more interested in visiting the city that's second on the list. reports Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is currently the most visited city in the world.  Bangkok beat out last year's top destination London for the top spot.  It's expected Bangkok will have 15.98 million visitors this year alone.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Last year's top tourist destination, London,  falls to number two on the list, with an estimated 15.96 million visitors this year.  Now that the royal baby boy has arrived, I wouldn't be surprised to see that number go up a bit.

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Paris is the third most popular tourist destination in the world.  Around 13.92 million will visit Paris in 2013.

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As for the city where foreign visitors spend the most money, that would be the Big Apple.  Yes, New York City, despite having fewer visitors, is expected to pull in over $18 billion from foreign visitors.  That's a whole lot of money!

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Tokyo remains the most expensive city in the world.  The average visitor to Tokyo spends almost $2200.  Souvenir anyone?

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Have you been to any of the cities mentioned above?  What international city would you love to visit?  London would be my top pick.  Never been but hopefully I'll get there one of these days.