If you're not looking carefully, you might miss it. And that would be a shame because The Dessert Booth is a small gem among the many treasures that make up the Village of Clinton in upstate New York.

From the warm and cozy decor of the intimate eatery, to the gourmet twists on classic comfort foods like grilled cheese and doughnuts, The Dessert Booth proves that it's among the very best in a small town brimming with excellent dining choices.

Karen Booth, head baker and owner of The Dessert Booth says the restaurant grew out of a couple of successful years baking for the Clinton Farmers Market. When a friend mentioned that an equipped restaurant was available on College Street, Karen took the leap. Fifteen and a half years later, she's still at it, having moved to 3 Kirkland Avenue.

Karen says she "has always enjoyed baking" - and you can taste the love in everything she makes, from biscotti to her famous Kentucky Butter Cake, which is a delicious pound cake soaked with butter rum. Karen says people come from all over to sample her desserts and food.

Credit: Phil Creighton/TSM

The desserts complement the restaurant's rustic yet elegant interpretation of classic foods, like grilled cheese made with brie and apple, or a take on a classic Reuben featuring sauerkraut paired with tempeh.

Credit: Phil Creighton/TSM

The Dessert Booth is worth exploring. You're sure to find something to satisfy your appetite and your sweet tooth. The Dessert Booth is located at 3 Kirkland Avenue. You can find their complete hours and their menu on their website: thedessertbooth.com.