An airline flight can seem overly long if you're sitting next to a drunk passenger or in front of someone who keeps kicking the back of your seat.  What are the five  most annoying habits of airline passengers? recently released their 2013 Airline Etiquette Study and parents who can't or won't control their kids tops the list of most annoying airline passengers.  Inattentive parents, your fellow flyers find you very annoying.

Other bad airline etiquette?  The rest of the top five:

2.  The seat kicker.  I've experienced this more than once and it makes for a very long flight.

3.  The aromatic passenger.  Too much perfume or cologne means a headache is just around the corner.

4.  The boozer.  One too many flying the friendly skies and you can't get away from them because you're in an airplane.  Not good.

5.  The chatty passenger.  They talk and talk and even if you barely respond or pick up a magazine, they continue to talk.

Which of these annoys you the most?  Or would you put another behavior on the list of bad airline etiquette?  Every single one of these I've experienced but annoying people aren't limited only to the friendly skies.  I've seen plenty of them lately in stores.