Would you like fries with the days cash sir? Just like the hamburgular, Felix Becerra allegedly wore a mask while robbing the area's McDonald's restaurant, and get this, he was also the manager of that same restaurant. The incident occurred on August 28th at approximately 3 a.m.

GeoBeats News reports;

A male, described as Hispanic, entered the business by crawling through the drive-through window. The man pointed a firearm at employees and demanded cash from an office safe. He then forcibly ushered the workers into a walk-in freezer.

The male fled the scene with the cash in his hands. During the theft, the robber wore a black and grey hooded sweatshirt along with a white face covering mask and gloves traditionally used for food preparation.

Look, if you need more money from McDonald’s you could of just joined the other workers who went on strike. Hey, who knows, maybe the local jail has better food.