Part of a mom's job is to encourage her child's dreams and support them as they try to realize them. One NY mom took things a little - okay, wayyy - too far.

A Buffalo-area mom was the getaway driver when her son robbed a taco store. 

I hope she at least had him wear his seatbelt.

This NY mom definitely qualifies as our moron of the day. 

Ryan Loos, 30, robbed a Buffalo Mighty Taco at gunpoint in the wee hours of November 19. He got away with cash, and hopped into a white van being driven by Patricia Loos, his 56-year-old mom. They were caught and arrested about a quarter of a mile away.

Patricia apparently lives with her son Ryan. I guess we can applaud a 30-year-old guy who still wants to hang out and do stuff with his mom, but perhaps first-degree robbery isn't the best choice. Maybe mother and son tattoos would have been a smarter bonding activity.

Now, they're both facing a host of charges and jail time.

I think it's safe to say Patricia Loos is one of the worst moms in NYS. 


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