I did a story last year on a town that often experienced drought conditions and figured out a way of grabbing water out of thin air. This town in Dripping Springs, Texas also finds the need to stockpile water as droughts are a big problem. The towns mayor, Richard Heinichen says the solution is fairly simple.

Some say that this is a new spin on an old idea. This idea is based on cisterns or tanks designed for the storage of water, especially on the roof of a house. It's nice to know we've made advancements in filtration so that this water is safe for consumption.

NationSwell tells us:

Heinichen has installed about 1,300 tanks, including 16 on his own property. He collects so much water, in fact, that he now bottles and sells his own Cloud Juice. People around the country — many of whom have to contend with the effects of drought — are turning to Tank Town to find solutions to their water woes.

Now I see way the town also calls him rain man. This could help plenty of people.