We asked and you responded to this question: What are the worst intersections in the Mohawk Valley? The above--Seneca Turnpike/Commercial Drive/Middle Settlement Road where Aldi, Jay-K, Big Apple Music and others all meet--was the hands-down winner.

Credit: Google

This downtown Utica intersection of Oriskany Street and lower Genesee Street (above) also got a lot of votes, because of the confusing set of one-way directives. You're only goin' one way, right?

There are plenty of other interchanges that fry your brains:

The Parkway at Genesee. We've seen cyclists get clipped there (sometimes THEIR OWN fault), t-bones, and rollovers. The employees at the McDonald's on that corner have a front-row seat.

French Road & Genesee. Ron Santino commented on Facebook that he used to work there and saw lots of accidents "due to the non arrow turn light and the people turning and cutting in front of traffic."

Erie Boulevard, just as you enter Rome. According to our radio colleague Dave Wheeler, "the stoplight lasts forever."

The cloverleaf where the Arterial intersects with Route 8 and 840 has caused its share of big problems, most notably with a tractor-trailer hauling fuel. (Click button at bottom of post.)

If you're wondering about the worst intersection in the United States, it's in Pembroke Pines, Florida, just north of Miami, according to a study by State Farm Insurance. There were 357 crashes there over a 2-year stretch alone.

And how about this: one of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in the entire U.S. is in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue.

So, Utica is on the board, even in the New York City metro.


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