The recent collapse of a bridge in Italy, and the resulting fatalities, brings to mind the tragic incident of the 1987 New York State Thruway bridge failure in Scoharie County, between the Mohawk Valley and the Capital District, the story of which was chronicled so well by WNYT News Channel 13 from Albany.

A recent article in Business Insider listed The Most Structurally Deficient Bridge in Each U.S. State. But, there are other potentially dangerous bridges in Central New York and all over the Empire State that individual motorists and families should keep in mind.

Straight from the website of the New York State Department of Transportation, which inspects and rates bridges on a scale of 1-7, there are over 30 bridges in Oneida County alone that fail to gain the minimum of 5 required for a "good" rating. Thirteen Mohawk Valley bridges rate under 4.

One of those bridges, on Houser Road in Lee, was built in 1900, while another, on Higginsville Road in Vernon, was completed in 1908. Both received scores under 4. One bridge, located over Nine Mile Creek in the Onondaga County town of Camillus received a score of 1 during a 2017 inspection.

To check the details of bridges in your county, go here. How safe do you feel while driving over old bridges, or even new bridges?


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