The week of August 20, 2018 marked #InternCarl's final broadcasts with us before he headed back to SUNY Oswego for his sophomore year, so his face fills up our video presentation.

As for audio content, we covered scientific ground, domestic topics, the opening of the Fair, the sports world, and other areas in The Best Of Beth & Dave. Click the video and/or follow the description below for details:

-Too Hot Or Too Smart? A new study claims women have limits for how smart their guy can be, but they don't seem to have any rules against super-hot partners.

-Useless appliances. I found out we have a panini press AND a chocolate fountain, plus a LOT of other appliances we never use. Listen up and tell me if you think Beth is a hoarder.

-The Heart Attack. The name of the latest hamburger-monstrosity at the Great New York State Fair. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed ain't.

-Golf Fight. One guy in Massachusetts took things a little too seriously on the links in a special episode of our daily 8:15 feature Your Momma Must Be So Proud.

-Irrational Fears. The topic came up again, because of some problems with bridges in Central New York, Beth's anxieties surfaced again (as did mine), and the phones lit up.


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