Soon the Easter bunny will be hopping by with a basket full of goodies.  Chocolate definitely will be well represented in that Easter basket but it's not the only Easter candy we Americans want in our basket.

Easter is the second biggest holiday for candy consumption.  Halloween is the biggest.  Almost two billion dollars will be spent on Easter candy.  That's a whole lot of candy.  What is the most popular candy for Easter?  I asked the Easter bunny and this what he told me.

1.  Chocolate bunnies rule.  They are the most popular Easter candy, which is why just about every store this week has a ton of them on the shelves.  90 million chocolate bunnies are made for Easter.  Fun fact for you.  Surveys say 76% prefer to eat the ears first.

2.  Peeps have been around for over sixty years and they are still really, really popular.  They're the second most popular candy for Easter.  700 million Peeps will be eaten.

3.  Jellybeans are third on the list for most popular Easter candy.  Red is the favorite jelly bean color for kids.  Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are tops for sales of jelly beans, producing 34 million pounds of jelly bears every year.   16 billion jelly beans will be eaten for Easter.

4.  Cadbury eggs are the fourth most popular Easter candy.

There are lots of other candies we like for Easter too, like marshmallow chicks, bunnies and robin's eggs.  Did you know five million marshmallow bunnies and chicks are made every day for Easter?  88% of adults do Easter baskets for their kids.  The question is, how much of that candy gets eaten by the parents before it goes into the basket?  I'll never tell!  Happy Easter.