Jimmy Fallon wanted to bring the 'Tonight Show' back to it's birthplace of New York City and his wish came true last night with the debut of the New 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy told a huge audience last night (February 17th, 2014) that he is 39, he lives in New York City, and has a wife and a new baby that he adores. He pointed out his parents were in the studio audience and Jimmy actually choked up a little when talking about the “Tonight” show legacy.

The New York Times tells us:

The “Tonight” show is in good hands, but its longevity rests less on the host than on audiences who increasingly don’t turn on a television to watch television. Mr. Fallon intimated as much when he recalled begging his parents to let him stay up late to watch Johnny Carson. He got a little emotional when he added that he hoped there was “a kid out there asking their parents to stay up to watch me.”

We wish you many many years of successful broadcasting from the big apple Jimmy !

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