The ninth and final season of NBC's The Office came to a conclusion in an episode that fans on social media have deems an instant classic.  We've compiled the best moments from 'The Office' finale.

The two hour and fifteen minute Office send-off event started with a one-hour documentary about the mockumentary.  The doc spliced the actors talking about their time on the show and showed some action from a large fan fest held in the series's fictional home town of Scranton, PA.

The finale itself took place one year after the airing of the fictional documentary. The episode reunited the cast of office mates for a reunion about the fictional show and for the wedding of Dwight and Angela.

Some of the moments fans have picked out as momumental from the show:


The return of Michael Scott

The producers of the show were mum about whether Steve Carell would return. He did, he's got a few kids, presumably with Holly and when he reunites with Jim and Dwight we get one last 'That's What She Said.'

Oscar attends Dwight's bachelor party

Oscar joins the guys. Problem was, he kinda forgot how to do the straight guy thing. The moment gives us a flashback to a classic Michael Scott Whazz-up moment.

Andy Bernard's Poignant Words

Meredith's Stripper Son

The girls at Angela's bachelorette party were in for quite a shock when the male stripper was someone Meredith knew.


So what happens to some of your favorite characters?

Dwight is large and in charge at the Scranton Branch.  He happily marries Angela.

Stanley has retired to Florida City, Florida. Alone.

Creed is on the lam.

Ryan and Kelly remain completely self-absorbed and reckless.

Pam tried to 'pull a Jim' and surprise her husband by selling their Scranton house.  They'll be heading to Austin, Texas, to allow Jim to join the sports marketing agency where Daryl is apparently making serious bank.

Erin is still dating Plop and gets reunited with her parents.

Andy is a viral video star and has a new job in the admissions office of his alma mater, Cornell.

Kevin was fired from the office and now owns a bar.

Oscar is the lead accountant at the office and is running for state senator.

The final words of The Office belong to Jenna Fisher's Pam Beesley-Halpert as we are shown the drawing Pam did off the office then transition to the building at the Scranton Business Park

There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things; isn't that kind of the point?